Your company already invested in your webpage with a booking engine, but do you want to extend the range of travel products on your webpage?

We can provide you with the entire Multireisen Flight products to your existing platform!

Multireisen Flight Products includes 900+ airlines, including low-cost carriers, covering 6,500+ airports

You can have access to all this flights inventory, for:

  • Absolutely NO monthly fees!
  • NO Setup / licensing costs, as long as you fulfill the following 2 criteria:
    1. API Flights integration must be completed in 30 days by your IT team
    2. Your company should generate a total volume of 250.000€ in 12 months, in terms of the booking value

The process will run as follows:

  1. Your company will sign the REST API Flight agreement with Multireisen
  2. You will send us the tech form, with the details
  3. Our IT team will be granted the access to you in our development system, including all documentation, and they will start the API integration process, and complete it in less than 30 days
  4. You will send a bank transfer of a minimum operational deposit for bookings
  5. Upon completion, your team will run test bookings (on the Development platform) + 1 live booking
  6. After all quality checks are approved, you will have live access to all Multireisen flight inventory on your webpage.

We invite you to take this chance and enrich your flight content under your own brand name, Rest Flight API connection.

The Rest API Flights

  • Quick & easy API integration
  • Global fares
  • 900 Airlines +
  • 250 Low-cost carriers
  • NDC Airlines