Enter the market with a strong brand!

The new concept for The GSA from 2022

GSA – General Sales Agent ( Buy & Sell )

You are one of the consolidators that would like to aggregate all products in your country by using the General sales Agent options ( BUY & Sell )

 You have a good budget & and are ready to Build a Business plan with Multireisen to cover your market.

You would like to build your Travel network based on Big names like Multireisen Brand, using all the technology which Multireisen have it,  multiple domain names & websites, API, ARI, All kinds of Booking Engine, DMC ENGINE, Holiday packages, etc not only b2b registration only And Your brand name is strong & well-reputable in your market… Excellent!  We are here to help you further.

Build your own DMC in your country based on Multireisen Plan

Build your flights inventory in your country based on the Multireisen plan

Sell your products in your country & sell your products to Multireisen Channel


A platform that comes with its extra opportunities: 

·       Unlock new revenue streams from B2B channels,

·       Unlock new revenue streams from B2C channels,

·       Unlock new revenue streams from REST / JSON API channels,

·       Provide Booking Engines with other domain names and websites under your Main Booking Engine in a different market!

·       Provide all technology which Multireisen have it,

·       Use Multireisen Distribution channel for Buy & Sell


Multireisen technology and travel content will give you all the power you need!

What you will do with that power will be up to you!

Do you desire becoming the leader on the market in your country? 

There are two tools that will help you reach your goal:

1.       Integrating best travel technology products with your brand

2.       Offering best rates under your brand

Multireisen provides you this technology solution that offers both in one:  General Sales Agent (GSA) platform.

You will become the main distributor for all MultiReisen products and services in your country or region.

Generate multiple income streams in 3 directions, simultaneously:

1.       Start selling all travel products and services, with the most competitive rates to your clients

2.       Start selling all travel products and services to the Multireisen distribution channel

3.       Multireisen technology solutions like METS, B2B & B2C Booking Engine, and B2C Booking Engine provide you the power to aggregate all the products under your company

All ready to go live in just 1 month!

As a GSA of Multireisen in your country, you will receive support in marketing campaigns and Google Search Engine optimization tips to ensure the visibility and presence of the brand.

Statistics and our experience thus far suggest that the return on your investment (ROI) takes approximately half a year, for GSA companies.

Are you ready to take this opportunity on this journey?

Important Remark:

GSA is the ultimate platform and the technology product that includes all the features of MultiReisen Booking Engine. Therefore, there are a set of requirements to become our GSA: 

·       IATA Membership, 

·       At least 5 years of experience in travel business on the market, 

·       Sales & business plan for the upcoming 3 years, for growing sales of our technology solutions, 

·       Sales & business plan for the upcoming 3 years, for growing sales of for our travel services, 

·       Organizational business plan, concerning:

o   Sales Team / Names / Experience, 

·       Booking volume and revenue figures of the current year, and of last 3 years

·       Turnover statement, 

·       Official Financial reports for the last 3 years. 

  • 100% Online Booking Engine
  • Work under a reliable brand name
  • Superior advertising & marketing
  • Automatic issue of tickets
  • Automatic voiding and cancellation
  • 550+ global suppliers
  • User-friendly Back Office
  • Support for the bookings via live chat
  • Effective training of the platform and sales