Terms and conditions

Terms of Travel Services Agreement between MultiReisen and B2B customers

Terms of Travel Services Agreement for B2B customers


The services offered by the Provider can only be used by B2B Partners who have first read these Terms of Agreement and accepted them unconditionally by clicking on the appropriate box provided for the purpose. It is not possible to proceed with the booking process without this acceptance.

B2B Partner fills in all the required fields on Registration Form before accessing the MultiReisen Engine.

B2B Partners undertake to fulfill the obligations contained within these Terms of Agreement. The agreement between the B2B Partner and the Provider comes into force as soon as the Provider provides written confirmation of a booking to the B2B Partner via email or through the back office on multireisen.com.

The Provider provides a model of cooperation, the MultiReisen Engine, which is used in the implementation of services through multireisen.com (“the Website”).

The booking services and sales of airline tickets, hotel accommodations, transfers, rental cars, travel packages, events, cruises, insurances and any other travel services provided by the B2B Partner to their customers are in turn provided by the Provider or its suppliers.

The B2B Partner will issue vouchers for airline tickets, hotel accommodations, transfers, rental cars, travel packages, events, cruise, insurances and any other travel services reserved through the Provider, or alternatively use e-vouchers from the Provider's system.

The Provider agrees to provide B2B registration through the MultiReisen Engine to the B2B Partner only during the time of contract.

The B2B Partner has the right to use the additional services of the MultiReisen Engine such as requests for business immigration and medical travel.


Copyright & Software of the MultiReisen Engine

The MultiReisen Engine is copyrighted by MultiReisen Deutschland GmbH. The B2B Partner is not allowed to install, use or copy any software of the Provider’s company (B2B, White Label, XML API, Affiliate, B2C) without first agreeing to the License Agreement.

Please note that all software, including, without limitation, all HTML code contained on multireisen.com, is owned by MultiReisen Deutschland GmbH and is protected by copyright laws. Any reproduction or redistribution of the software is expressly prohibited, and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. You acknowledge that the software and any accompanying documentation and/or technical information is subject to applicable export control laws.    


The B2B Partner will prepay all their reservations to the Provider. The amount due must reach the Provider at the very latest by the day of the cancelation deadline for each reservation, and prior to weekends and public holidays if the cancelation deadline falls on one of those days.

The B2B Partner can make a payment by:

  1. Credit card. The B2B Partner can issue all travel documents to the clients straight away without any delays.
  2. Money transfer. The B2B Partner can issue all travel documents to the clients after the money has been received for every booking.
  3. Deposit. The B2B Partner puts down a deposit equaling a balance which they then can use to pay the Provider for travel services. The amount of booking will be deducted from the deposit. The B2B Partner can issue all travel documents to their customers automatically.

All payments should be made in advance.

The Provider does not accept cheques as a form of payment.

The ticket purchase page displays the cost of the product/service in the Provider’s currency, in Euro only. The indicated amount will be blocked on the customer’s bank card in the currency of the selected good or service. Within several days after the ticket issuance, the Provider shall initiate the debiting of the blocked amount from your bank card. In the event that the Provider’s currency and the B2B Partner’s bank card’s currency differ, the Partner's bank will make the conversion at their internal rate, charging the B2B Partner with the difference.

If you make a payment with a bank card that does not belong to you, you must obtain a written consent from the direct owner (holder) of the bank card to make the purchase.

After completion of ticket refund or cancelation, notwithstanding the card’s status and expiry date, and in accordance with regulations of your bank and Visa and MasterCard international payment systems, the refunded amount will be credited to your card/account.

All booking are confirmed final after receipt of payment.

For cancellation/refund amount is to come to the Statement of Account of B2B Partner to be used as a balance for the future bookings.
In case the B2B Partner need the refund amount to be returned to the bank account, the B2B Partner has to request the Refund Application, fill it and send to Key Account Manager. Basing on this document the refund amount will be  transfered the the B2B Partner's bank account and deducted from the Statement of Account accordingly.

We do not store your bank card data. To accelerate further purchases, the customer may store the bank card data in encrypted form on servers of our B2B Partner, certified with PIC DSS Level 1. The booking process is fully automated and involves no human input. Information transfer protection is confirmed by SSL 256 bit certification. Our Website fully complies with security standards of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems (PCI Compliance).

If payment is not received before the deadline, the Provider reserves the rights to cancel reservations


General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms & Conditions are subject to the Provider's Terms & Conditions which are made available to the Customer before any booking is completed and which the Customer also accepts at the moment that a booking is actually placed. It is the Customer's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the Provider’s Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions of each supplier are made available prior to making a booking.


Terms of service for airlines (air tickets)

  • The Provider is not responsible for cancelation of a flight, change of departure time, baggage loss, airplane delays, breach of the airline’s obligations.
  • The B2B Partner must provide the passenger information about the check-in time, information about all international rules about the transportation of passengers and baggage, personal effects transportation rules and free baggage allowance, as well as provide all other relevant information.
  • The B2B Partner should advise the customers about the conditions and procedure for ordering, booking, purchasing, processing, payment receipt, refund and cancellation tickets and rules of transportation.
  • The B2B Partner should ensure that their customers have all necessary documents required before travelling abroad in accordance with international law and foreign countries.
  • The B2B Partner cannot reserve low-cost airlines tickets, those tickets have to be purchased right away. The option to reserve is not available for those types of tickets due to the policy of low-cost airlines. The same rules apply for non-refundable hotel reservations.
  • Low-cost airlines tickets are non-refundable. The option to change the date of departure, flight time, flight route, passenger names and other information about the passengers is available at an additional charge according to the Terms & Conditions of the airline companies.
  • If the airline company provides online registration, the passenger is obliged to check-in online for the flight according to the Terms & Conditions of the airline companies. Otherwise, the passenger may be charged an additional check-in fee at the airport of departure.


Travel Abroad

The customer shall bear full responsibility for preparing all necessary travel documents, guarantee correctness and completeness of the documents needed for departure and arrival, as well as for the transit flight throughout the route, and the possession of necessary visas, valid passports, powers of attorney and other necessary documents. The Provider shall not be liable for passenger's ignorance or non-observance of all necessary requirements of departure and arrival countries. Prior to the purchase of tickets and beginning of travel, it is necessary to verify possession of all documents and visas needed for the trip. For more detailed information visit the website:  http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/ and read the information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the customer’s country.

The Provider does not guarantee security of international travel. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage and loss caused by such trip.


Airline Ticket Purchase, Exchange, Refund and Cancelation

Prior to the purchase you should read the terms of the IATA Agreement http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/ tickets, as well as Fare Rules, terms of refund and exchange of the selected service/fare of the supplier (airline), available on their website. Fare Rules are displayed on the ticket purchase page as provided by the global distribution system and the supplier. The customer agrees to comply with the rules, Terms & Conditions imposed by the supplier of the product or service that the customers purchases. Any failure to comply with the rules may entail cancelation of the reservation and denial of goods or services without reimbursement of the paid amount. By making a purchase the customer agrees to all corresponding terms, rules and restrictions of the supplier.

During booking, the customer undertakes to provide only reliable and complete data. Please note that due to specific operation aspects of global distribution systems and suppliers' reservation systems, very often passenger data changes in the booking are not permitted. Any change may lead to booking/ticket cancelation and a refund will only be possible in accordance with the selected Fare Rules. Thus, the customer assumes all possible risks and expenses related to potential booking mistakes and inaccuracies. Please note that certain airlines may demand that you present the bank card used for the purchase at the time of check-in.

The Supplier may, unilaterally and without warning, cancel your reservation or booking if a ‘double booking’ (more than one reservation for a particular passenger on the same flight for one or several dates) is discovered. To avoid this, we recommend that prior to the purchase you cancel all existing duplicate bookings and do not make new duplicates after the booking has been made.

Tickets for unaccompanied minor children, passengers unable to move independently, blind or deaf passengers and women in late pregnancy must be reserved and purchased exclusively in airlines’ offices or agencies.

Ticket cancelation is possible only if approved by the airline and if such service is available on the Website. Usually ticket cancelation is possible within 30 minutes after the booking, but no later than 48 hours prior to the departure. Tickets with a departure date of less than 48 hours of the purchase date are not subject to cancelation. The Provider has the right to charge an additional service fee for ticket cancelation.


Hotel Vouchers Purchase, Cancelation and Refund

The Provider can offer refundable and non-refundable hotel fares to the customers.

If you choose a non-refundable fare you have to pay the full price before the reservation is complete to get a voucher. If you choose a refundable fare you have to pay the reservation price fully until the deadline shown in this reservation. If reservation is not paid fully until the deadline it will be cancelled automatically at 00.01 (UTC +01, Berlin) on the date shown in the deadline field. After the deadline or in case of non-refundable bookings cancelation and refund are not possible and the amount of booking will not be refunded.

Backoffice includes the Booking list with the Live Chat. Live Chat allows communicating with Call Center directly about each booking and the reply is returned immediately. All contact information for Call Center is found at https://multireisen.com/contact/what_we_offer/984/.


 Invoice Disputes

  • Payments for issued invoices are due to the Provider by the deadline.
  • Full details of the disputed invoice must be sent to the Provider in writing within 5 days of the date of issue. Failure to advise the Provider about any invoice dispute within 5 days of the date of issue will result of losing any discounts or refunds by the B2B Partner.
  • If the B2B Partner’s customer leaves a hotel early, the B2B Partner will be invoiced in full payment. Exceptions can be applied if the Customer advises the Provider about an early check out and provides all relevant check-out documents. The Provider will contact the hotel and will invoice the B2B Partner according to the hotel policy. This may result in charges for additional nights. In order to avoid disputes in case of leaving a hotel before the confirmed departure date, the customer must always obtain a written confirmation from the hotel stating the time of departure.


Passport, Visa and Immigration Requirements

The Provider is not responsible for the correct fulfillment of the passport, visa and other immigration requirements. The B2B Partner is to confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. The Provider does not accept any responsibility in case the customer is unable to travel due to non-compliance with any such requirements.



All rates and information supplied by the Provider under this agreement shall remain confidential and the B2B Partner will not disclose them to any third party.



It is hereby explicitly stated and understood, that the Provider acts only as an intermediary in making arrangements for hotels, transportation or any other services. As such, the Provider is not liable for any personal injury, illness, property damage or other loss or expense of any nature whatsoever, arising directly or indirectly out of any actions of hotels, transportation company or other company or person, providing or rendering services reserved through the Provider.



The Provider reserves the right, without prejudice to any other remedies open to it under law, to immediately terminate this Agreement and demand immediate payment of all sums due, should the B2B Partner cease to carry out business, and/or makes a voluntary arrangement with its creditors, and/or become bankrupt, and/or go into liquidation and/or if a receiver is appointed to any of the B2B Partner's property or assets.



It is hereby agreed that booking any arrangements with the Provider is an acknowledgement of the B2B Partner’s acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein and in the Provider’s engine. All disputes should be settled in good faith by way of negotiations between the parties. In case of failure to reach a settlement, the dispute will be subject to arbitration under the laws of the Republic of Germany. Place of juriusdiction is Berlin, Germany.