Flights Booking Engine 

The best Flights  solution for charter & Low-cost Airlines

are you a start-up airlines company,?

Are you Tour operators who would like to handle your own charter flights?

Are you Tour aggregators or consolidators that would like to sell your own charter flights block seats?

Does it sound familiar?

It’s a single application that allows you to upload your own contracted flights, manage their data(allotments, rates, seats, policies, etc), and easily sell your own travel products online

Our solutions With 3 functions

1.       Static Deals

2.       Dynamic Deals

3.       REST / JSON API


Flights Booking Engine manages any charter inventory and it is the ultimate solution for you!

On this platform, you can connect to charter companies easily, manage their data, and sell your own travel product ONLINE.

How you will have the full power on Flights Booking Engine?

You can:

*  Connect your Flights Booking Engine directly to your B2B or B2C distribution platform

*  Offer it to 3rd parties via API integration (pricing differentiation fully customizable)

*  Set one of the multi-language & multi-currency options

*  Customize by “Do-it-yourself multi-language” capability

*  Sell your offline seats ONLINE

*  Customize it further by using other tools and features


Who are our Technology Products good for?

Our products are developed for;

·       Airlines companies who have their own leasing contacts and commitment to airplanes companies

·       Tour operators  who would like to handle your own charter flights

·       Travel companies who serve their corporate clients offline

·       Travel agencies who want to start selling all destinations

·       Companies who desire to start selling to different markets


General Product Information

Our booking engine platforms are consisting of:

·       All Multireisen travel products (real-time dynamic hotel inventory & flight content and all other travel products)

·       Booking engines for:

§  Static Flights,

§  Dynamic Flights

§  API Flights

·       Back-office module with many functionalities:

·       Office B2B settings

·       CRM and marketing tools

·       Accounting tools (Cash receipts, sub-agency accounts, vouchers, credit definitions etc.)

·       Business Intelligence settings (Analytics etc.)

·       Pricing Module (pricing customization for different clients),

·       User Access Management tool

·       And many more functionalities

·       Front-end customization (web-design templates and related tools)

·       Bookings Tab (a separate platform where you can follow all existing bookings)

Extra Services

You may first start with one of our standard Flights Booking Engine and then add extra features such as:

·       DMC Booking Engine (a separate extranet)

·       Payment gateway provider

Market Place

You already invested in Flights Booking Engine… You started ONLINE selling your contracted charter offline seats.

Great… but this is just the beginning!

How about selling your other directly contracted local travel products on the Multireisen network?

By doing so, you can extend your reach to 16.500+ travel agencies worldwide!

Wait! You can go even further.

You can start reaching global distribution channels through Multireisen and you can exponentially extend your network.

Just some ideas to extend our cooperation:

·       If you’re an IATA licensed travel company, you can sell your flight content to Multireisen

  • Connect it directly to your B2B or B2C distribution platform

  • Offer it to 3rd parties via API integration

  • Do-it-yourself multi-language capability

  • Manage the mark-up

  • Build your Charter inventory ccording your contract

  • Sale your offline seats ONLINE

  • Advanced tools and other