Our Features


Our features

MultiReisen has integrated all major global suppliers in one internet bookinge engine. Moreover, it build multofunctional Back Office whre you find all the setting you need to improve your operations.


Time zone Different accesses to the members of your team
Automatically generated invoices for all the bookings  Control over the voucher design
Disabled destinations for search or payment Control over the information on the invoice
Newsletters directly from the platform Control over terms and conditions
Multi languages Unlimited number of currencies
Automatic issue of the tickets Manual, automatic or automatic + margin currency rate
Money flow documentation Division of your clients into different groups
Control over the website design Different terms to each group
Unlimited number of B2B agencies Password-protected accesses for your agencies
Unlimited number of B2C Integrated CRM
Control over terms and conditions for different clients Monitor over the operations of your clients
Control over the website content  Integrated SEO of the entire platform
Access to create automatic messages/emails to your clients Bonuses for the successful bookings




Internet Booking Engine   Travel technology for B2B B2C

Airline Consolidators for Travel Agents  Travel Technology Provider  B2B B2C Platform

Travel Technology Platform  Flight Aggregator   Travel Inventory / ExtraNet   Hotel Consolidator

Global Travel Solution   Travel Software Solution  Flight Consolidator  Hotel Aggregator

Internet Booking Engine for Travel Agents   White Label Travel Solution

Flight Search EngineTravel    B2B& B2C Platform

Travel Technology Export