Our Features


Our features


MultiReisen Deutschland GmbH is B2B company. However, our Online Booking Engine is used for all customer channels: B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C etc. We are eager to deliver the high-quality solutions within the shortest period of time. The variety of services and products we have allows us to serve all parties of the travel industry. Our Back Office is been developing based on our own experience, numerous surveys and questionnaires of players in the travel industry, and wishes of our partners. We would like to highlight some of the features that are available within the Back Office:


 Time zone  Different accesses to the members of your team
 Automatically generated invoices for all the bookings   Control over the voucher design
 Disabled destinations for search or payment  Control over the information on the invoice
 Newsletters directly from the platform  Control over terms and conditions
 Multi languages  Unlimited number of currencies
 Automatic issue of the tickets  Manual, automatic or automatic + margin currency rate
 Money flow documentation  Division of your clients into different groups
 Control over the website design  Different terms to each group
 Unlimited number of B2B agencies  Password-protected accesses for your agencies
 Unlimited number of B2C  Integrated CRM
 Control over terms and conditions for different clients  Monitor over the operations of your clients
 Control over the website content   Integrated SEO of the entire platform
 Access to create automatic messages/emails to your clients  Bonuses for the successful bookings


MultiReisen Deutschland GmbH is known for the number of suppliers that is already integrated in the booking engine. We will keep surprising our partners with the best rates because integrations never stop. Moreover, our partners do not need to contact, contract and set up deposits or credit lines with any of the suppliers as this is entirely managed by us. Therefore, our partners can relax and focus on the sales of the bookings. Our Key Account Managers support them and make analysis of their performance to give proper recommendations as to how they can make more bookings. 



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