Bring your business to the cosmic level!

We have created unique technology and packaged it into a one-of-a-kind platform to enable your business to grow faster than ever before!

Take the best from our contacts & partners, enrich your product, and take the leading role on the market. 

How to do it?

It is as simple as it is. With SpaceM platform you will have the opportunity to start buying from our trusted suppliers, and also to sell your products to them while maintaining your brand uniqueness.

Having your own brand is intrinsically important nowadays, so we have paid special attention to make sure you can keep it unique. With this platform, you can put your name, use your domain, and even create your own brand-customized design. Do not waste your time and funds on building high technology platform - we have already prepared the one for you, so all you need is just to fill it with your products and services.

And what if you do not want to present your services only, but also to buy travel services at the best prices?

No problem, with SpaceM platform you get access to the best of the best, including the following:

- 12 500 direct hotel chains

- 9 500 direct static hotel contracts

- 1 350 000 Hotels Worldwide

- 900 + regular airlines
- NDC Airlines 

- more than 100 000 users


Customer Support

In any business, communication and support are important, so our customer support team is here for you 24/7 to handle all booking-related requests via professional Request system to work in the most seamless and efficient way.

Also your cooperation with Multireisen will be supported by our Key Area Manager, who is ready to advise with any platform-related questions, Back Office, sales and analysis etc.

Sounds interesting?

Then fill out the form right now and we will get back to you soon.